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Reich GmbH

"Precision to move."




Integrity, sustainability & quality 

Reich LLC is a subsidiary of Reich USA GmbH which, together with Reich GmbH, is a leading manufacturer of turned parts, ball bearings, components for fuel injection systems and other automotive parts.
Reich is famous for the outstanding level of quality of its parts and components. The vertical range of manufacture, i.e. the different processes, further reflects the high level of quality.
Reich products are used by various industries ranging from the automotive industry, the power tools industry as well as equipment and machinery manufacturing to the food industry.


Processing adds value

Reich’s expertise in mechanics, metallurgy, assembly and knowledge of the finished end product offers the flexibility required to respond to customer requests in a timely and professional manner.
Using cutting-edge production technology supports the continuous development and modification of our manufacturing methods and processes. Our technical skills include metallurgical, mechanical and thermal product treatment.



Progress and technology

Reich manufactures turned parts as well as precision turned parts such as transmission and steering system components, special ball bearings and components for direct fuel injection systems.
Especially with regard to the common rail diesel injectors or the high-pressure gasoline direct injection system, components for fuel direct injection systems by Reich are internationally renowned and by themselves constitute 30 per cent of our key business. The hammer drill industry also considers us to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of special ball bearings.